French Fries Cup: Spoilt for Choice

Author : Fiona
Update time : 2023-11-23 16:21:10
Nowadays, takeout delivery is one of the most relied upon services in our daily life, and fried chicken burger fries is also a food that we have always said we love, and is one of the most common side dishes in the U.S. The takeout industry has taken great pains in the delivery of this type of food. So in the food packaging industry, it is the production of French fries paper cups, in order to better storage and transportation of fries, but also designed many different styles of packaging. Hyde has environmentally friendly french fries cups, to provide you with a safe and convenient delivery experience.

Different Styles for French Fries Cup in Hyde

To suit every need, French fry cups come in a variety of styles, and at Hyde, there are closable kraft cups, paper cones newspaper printed, kraft paper cups and kraft paper cones with built-in sauce cups. And for the kraft paper cones with built-in sauce cups allow you to hold tomato salsa, allowing you to eat on the go without having to hold the sauce in one hand and the fries in the other! Kraft paper cups can make your packaging look more atmospheric, can also be used for long-term, remodeling and storage, printing patterns and logos on the kraft paper bags to give people visual enjoyment. Tote bags are walking "slogan", do not give up this good opportunity to publicize the brand!

Multi-Application and Occasions

The size of the French fries cup is perfect serving for business, caterers, restaurants, cafeteria and sandwich shops, bring convenience and improve your quality of life. A good dining experience can keep your mood happy for the whole day. Meanwhile, this French fries cup can not only hold fries, but also other food you want to hold, such as candies, chocolates, cupcakes, fried chicken nuggets and so on. It can also be used as a planting, you can use it to grow flowers or for decoration. As for the material, an oil and waterproof construction helps to prevent leaks.
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